Armargentum Shirt Feline in Blau


Armargentums Lounge-Shirt „Feline“ ist eine total neue Kreation welche Smok mit Armargentums „Lounge-Sweat“ Material und der hautfreundlichen Miracle-Fibre Baumwollmischung kombiniert.

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Das neue und liebevoll handgefertigte Lounge-Shirt von Armargentum: “Feline”. Feline ist eines von Armargentums Hybrid-Modellen der 2022 Kollektion. Es ist eine Kombination aus kuschelig-weichen, ökotex-zertifizierten „Lounge-Sweat“ Material welches von Armargentum entwickelt wurde und der hautfreundlichen Miracle-Fibre Baumwollmischung. Die Ärmel sind handgesmokt und geben dem aufwendig verarbeiteten Shirt die perfekte Akzentuierung.



Tone in tone, but never monotonous. Clothes from a new perspective: skin-friendly, eco-friendly and beautiful at the same time. From a passion for fashion and beauty to a commitment to the environment. The most important ingredient is love! The production of beautiful clothing that is skin-friendly and resource-friendly while being produced fairly is an expression of ARMARGENTUM's philosophy. It sets an example, especially at a time when the supposed production of fair fast fashion is experiencing a rapid upswing. All ARMARGENTUM products are certified according to "Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX". No plastic is used for the packaging. No zips are used and the buttons are made from "Natural Ivory", a product of the stone nut palm. In addition, Armargentum uses as many local materials as possible in order to cause as little CO2 as possible for the production chain.