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Share Aqua D'Oro 240ml


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Fermented fruit drink

Contents: 240ml

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Loosely translated, Aqua D’Oro means “golden water”.

That sounds immodest, and it’s allowed to be, because the ingredients of this unique drink are breathtaking. An incredible variety of natural products that
known for their effects are found in this carefully composed recipe. Starting with our well water, Aqua D’Oro contains (among others) the juices of FERMENTED: Aloe, Amla, Pineapple, Japanese Apricot, Broccoli, Goji, Pomegranate, Guava, Kamut, Mangosteen, Pitahaya, Papaya and Celery.

Aqua D’Oro is a blend of the best that nature has to offer in the west and the east. SHARE has fermented all substances to make them even more valuable and compatible. This potion is designed to taste wonderful and be perfect for your health. With an unusually high content of prebiotics, Aqua D’Oro helps the microbiological cultures in your stomach to strengthen their health from the inside out.

Share Aqua d’Oro® comes in CartoCan® a cardboard composite “can” that scores with a very low ecological footprint. The can is an innovative German invention and is made with cardboard from Sweden.



SHARE was founded by Michael and Martina in 2016. They also operate gsundsi, a soul academy. Gsundsi is short for “Gesund Sein”.
The Essence of SHARE is the be healthy, be in tune with nature and your soul. Thanks to their extensive know-how Share was able to create a line of completely natural supplements. They are designed to be the most healthy and potent mixture nature has to offer. SHARE is pushing the limits of nutritional supplements with its new invention: the fermented fruit drink: Aqua D’Oro