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ByNacht - Post Laser Procedure Ultra Repair Serum

A revolutionary serum with BYNACHT®SUPER7 HEALING KOMPLEX that uses accelerated nighttime skin regeneration to repair irritated or damaged skin from the inside out.

30 ml


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A revolutionary serum with BYNACHT® SUPER7 HEALING COMPLEX that uses accelerated nighttime skin regeneration to repair irritated or damaged skin from the inside out. This serum is so efficient that it is even used by cosmetic surgeons to intensively nourish and repair the skin from scratch after intensive dermatolo- gical treatments such as laser resurfacing, microneedling, microdermabrasion or IPL.

30 ml



Tone in tone, but never monotonous. Clothes from a new perspective: skin-friendly, eco-friendly and beautiful at the same time. From a passion for fashion and beauty to a commitment to the environment. The most important ingredient is love! The production of beautiful clothing that is skin-friendly and resource-friendly while being produced fairly is an expression of ARMARGENTUM's philosophy. It sets an example, especially at a time when the supposed production of fair fast fashion is experiencing a rapid upswing. All ARMARGENTUM products are certified according to "Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX". No plastic is used for the packaging. No zips are used and the buttons are made from "Natural Ivory", a product of the stone nut palm. In addition, Armargentum uses as many local materials as possible in order to cause as little CO2 as possible for the production chain.


The scientifically proven link between good sleep and supple, healthy skin was the reason for the development of ByNacht. That's why ByNacht has a holistic approach and have created a revolutionary two-phase system for your most beautiful and healthiest skin. The combination of highly effective, scientific night care with sleep-enhancing aromatherapeutic balms is what gives your skin a radiant freshness every morning. These "Sleep Perfectors" achieve maximum results that you can see and feel on your skin. ByNacht's goal: to help you wake up with the skin you've always dreamed of!