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Brag-wette mackintosh

Mackintosh ind Dark Blue

Coat has a wide cut.


IT 42 - S - 36
IT 46 - L - 40


With the Brag-wette mackintosh you are stylishly dressed even on rainy days. The monochrome coat can be wonderfully combined with business and casual clothing. The wide cut makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The mackintosh is ideal for the transitional season or on colder summer days, giving you a garment that will accompany you in fashion almost all year round.



Brag-wette is Angela Biani's take on fashion with a new bespoke concept for women's clothing. Angela launched Brag-wette in 2017 to express her personal sense of style. The collection embodies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, materials and details. It is a play between feminine and masculine, with lots of charm, oversized volumes and clean cuts. The collection includes ready-to-wear and knitwear made in Italy. The name "Brag-wette" sounds like "Braghe", trousers in Italian, the biggest focus of her work, with a nod to French.