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Designed in Italy and handmade by skilled artisans using sustainable materials and an energy-saving production process, each shoe is unique and requires more than 4 hours of craftsmanship.

Experience Dolce Vita luxury with the magical shoes from De Siena Shoes, 100% Made in Italy. Founded by Francesco Lorenzi with a high level of commitment to sustainable fashion and environmental responsibility.

Under the hashtag #SustainableFashion, De Siena produces eco-friendly sandals. Using recycled ingredients and >95% handmade in the manufacturing process, these shoes are long lasting without harming nature. The shoes are intentionally produced slowly to avoid processes that are harmful to the environment. De Siena also sets strict requirements for their suppliers to ensure that all raw materials meet their high standards. De Siena also tries to use recycled materials in their shoes where possible to further minimise their impact on the environment.