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U Beauty "SCULPT" Arm Compound

Skin care concentrate

Contents: 120 ml

Application: Apply in the morning and evening to cleansed skin on the arms in an upward circular motion, taking more time to massage in on the inside and softer areas of the skin. Apply a sunscreen product to the arms when exposed to the sun.


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U Beauty’s SCULPT Arm Compound is an innovative concentrate specifically designed to firm the appearance of the skin and counteract the negative visible effects of gravity. SCULPT contains patent-pending SIREN capsule technology to instantly contour the areas of skin that need it. SIREN capsules are unique in their ability to both attract and neutralise free radicals. This proprietary encapsulation process allows for unparalleled specificity in the delivery of active ingredients, resulting in more energised, firmer and smoother looking skin.

The active ingredient serum is formulated with two unique SIREN capsules. As in the original Resurfacing Compound, the first antioxidant and retinol-filled SIREN capsule optimises normal skin renewal to promote brighter, firmer-looking skin. These smaller SIRENs penetrate the top layer of the skin and help to achieve a visible detox and firming effect. A second SIREN capsule, the SCULPT-SIREN, which was specially developed for the arm area, consists of a targeted mixture of marine extracts, probiotics and selected ferments. This SIREN provides the skin with oxygen and nutrients, increases energy and hydration.

The result – skin that is less susceptible to the visible effects of gravity.


U Beauty

Tina Craig launched BagSnob, one of the first US fashion blogs, in 2005 and was part of the influencer avant-garde invited to front fashion shows. As a busy agency owner, consultant and stylist, she wanted to systematically simplify her 13-item grooming routine without sacrificing impact. For years, she developed the unique skincare hybrid that is simultaneously a toner, vitamin cocktail, serum and hyaluronic booster, refining skin texture and revitalising damaged cells. “In my culture, having beautiful skin means self-worth and a sense of sovereignty. U Beauty is bottled confidence.” Tina Craig, Founder