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THEHOLYGOAT "Plaid Gypsy" Cashmere Scarf

THEHOLYGOAT Oversized “Plaid Gypsy” Cashmere Scarf

Colour: Pink

Size: 240 x 80 cm


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THEHOLYGOAT stands for sustainability and respect, for nature and every hand involved in the making of this pure cashmere scarf. The first-class craftsmanship of this designer piece underlines the feminine casual look that scores with colourful knitwear, frayed hems and a colour-harmonious striped pattern.

Thanks to the oversize of the scarf, it can easily be thrown over the entire upper body. It goes with any cosy style and is the definitive accessory of the winter.


Length: 240 cm

Width: 85 cm



Simone Goschler, she makes connections, designs and directs. Simone was raised in Germany, Italy and France. She travelled the world as a triathlete and interpreter. Simone is the intersection of fashion, yoga and nature. This allows her to craft fashion that makes the look and feel of THEHOLYGOAT unforgettable.

THEHOLYGOAT is a Munich-based cashmere label that is consistently committed to ensuring that everyone who comes into contact with it wins. This begins with the goats in Mongolia and extends to the spinners, weavers, knitters in Nepal, and the women who ultimately wear the collection. THEHOLYGOAT gives every living thing the tremendous respect it deserves. This is visible in the designs, but you can also feel it in the sustainable fabric and the handwoven cervices of these designer pieces.