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The Lucie in the Sky Ring - silber

Mit diesem Ring von „The Lucie in the Sky“ Ring – silber präsentieren wir Ihnen, die Reinheit der Weiblichkeit. Elegant und exklusiv zugleich. Dieser Ring verleiht feminine Einzigartigkeit.


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With this ring from “The Lucie in the Sky” Ring – silver we present to you, the purity of femininity and unforgettable luxury. This noble masterpiece stands for the ultimate symbol of a lifelong bond. A ring that every woman wishes for – a dream of every woman. Elegant und exklusiv zugleich. Dieser Ring verleiht feminine Einzigartigkeit. Die Auswahl der Spinell ​​und ihre sorgfältige Verarbeitung nach Standards absoluter Perfektion, lässt diesen silbernen, leicht eckigen Ring zu einem echten Juwel an Ihrer Hand werden. Die elegante Essenz der Schönheit, welche Ihnen täglich schmeichelt. With this ring, your loved one will melt away and reminisce forever about this special day with you. Don’t just let the lady of your heart dream of such a masterpiece, gift her with this unique piece and let the Lucie in the Sky ring sparkle on your lady’s hand.

„The Lucie in the Sky“ by AMOUR FOU


Lucie in the Sky

Lucie in the Sky's métier is earrings, jewellery and exclusive accessories that take direct inspiration from the glamorous icons of film and the jet set. Lucie in the Sky emphasises the combination of preciousness with a high recognition value and a modern playful point of view. Like the famous song by the Beatles, these designs by Lucie are shining icons of the fashion world and give inspiration in creativity to every viewer.