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The House of Oud Perfume "Up to the Moon"

Eau de Parfum “Up to the Moon”, for Women

Contents: 75 ml


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Was wäre, wenn der Mond all unsere Wünsche wahr werden lassen könnte? Was würden Sie ihn fragen?

UP TO THE MOON was developed in collaboration with Nino Machaidze, the world-renowned soprano. The fragrance describes the nuanced voice of Nino: majestic, sensual, determined, charismatic, and elegant. The raspberry note underlines its vivacity and the hint of pear gives the perfume a lingering fruity note. Amber, ambrette and vanilla refine the base and provide a lasting standing ovation.


The House of Oud

The House of Oud - Born from the friendship between an Italian master perfumer and an oud lover from Jakarta. The House of Oud more than a niche perfume house - it is a meeting of minds. A place where art, fine fragrances and exquisite technique come together. We invite you to fall in love with their creative vision....