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Share Pomelozzini, 4 Pieces

Fermented pomelo

Contents: 4 pieces


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SHARE Pomelozzini – the healthiest praline in the world!

The ancient dynasties in Asia already knew the healthy properties of the pomelo. SHARE combines this knowledge with the centuries-old know-how of wine and cheese fermentation from Europe.

The SHARE Pomelozzini are a power pack in praline form: rich in essential oils, many vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and microorganisms! They are balm for your inner being and a unique snack with added value for your well-being.

Would you like to reduce your body fat? The SHARE Pomelozzini is the definitive natural FATBURNER in the form of a fermented pomelo. Thanks to its extremely high vitamin C content, the pomelo is known as an “elixir of beauty”. It helps to eliminate pathogenic moisture. Your beauty is restored from the inside out for your appearance.

Share Pomelozzini is produced with the utmost care, meets international quality standards and is constantly controlled by independent international institutes. Our employees are paid fairly and work enthusiastically to produce the best possible product for you.



SHARE was founded by Michael and Martina in 2016. They also operate gsundsi, a soul academy. Gsundsi is short for “Gesund Sein”.
The Essence of SHARE is the be healthy, be in tune with nature and your soul. Thanks to their extensive know-how Share was able to create a line of completely natural supplements. They are designed to be the most healthy and potent mixture nature has to offer. SHARE is pushing the limits of nutritional supplements with its new invention: the fermented fruit drink: Aqua D’Oro