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Share Original Plums, 33 Pieces


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Fermented plums – full of lactic acid bacteria and probiotics

Contents: 33 plums

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SHARE Original Plum is designed to boost your digestion in just a few weeks. It relieves digestive problems such as constipation and flatulence. Do you have a few kilos too much? The SHARE plum helps you lose weight naturally. It is designed to fit in with your sports or yoga routine and balance your body’s acid-alkaline balance. The SHARE plum helps to eliminate toxins in the body – this is pure detoxification!

The fermented Share Plum supplies the intestine with valuable microorganisms and dextrorotatory lactic acid bacteria. Share Original Plum contains the concentrated probiotics of 50,000 cups of yoghurt in just ONE FRUIT!

The red blood cells in our body renew themselves every 120 days, therefore we recommend a consumption period of at least 2 to 3 months. Give your body time! It will thank you for it!



SHARE was founded by Michael and Martina in 2016. They also operate gsundsi, a soul academy. Gsundsi is short for “Gesund Sein”.
The Essence of SHARE is the be healthy, be in tune with nature and your soul. Thanks to their extensive know-how Share was able to create a line of completely natural supplements. They are designed to be the most healthy and potent mixture nature has to offer. SHARE is pushing the limits of nutritional supplements with its new invention: the fermented fruit drink: Aqua D’Oro