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Plainly Uplifting Hand Cream 50ml

Plainly Uplifting Hand Cream provides your skin with instant rich hand care and regenerates stressed hands with 5% Cacay Oil.

Contents: 50ml



The luxurious hand cream by Plainly pampers your skin with nourishing cacay oil, meadowfoam oil, fermentative argan oil, magnolia extract. this potent mixture thus promotes the regeneration of your skin. The cream is quickly absorbed and is non-greasy, so your hands will immediately feel supple and soft. The scent of rosemary-mint and natural orange oil refreshes your soul at the same time.



Plainly is the fresh clean beauty brand for hand care from Munich. Plainly is revolutionising the standards of the cosmetics industry by developing high quality and truly sustainable products with minimal environmental impact. This stake focus on sustainability, high-quality natural ingredients, innovative formulations and unique design has catapulted Plainly to a darling of the cosmetics industry in no time.

Founded in Munich in 2018, Plainly develops honest products for customers who don’t have to choose between design and sustainability.

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