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Ligne St. Barth Moisturizing body lotion, 125ml

A body lotion that gives a precious gift to body and senses

• Contents: 125 ml

Scented Vanilla


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A body lotion that gives a precious gift to body and senses. It comes in three varieties: with the scent of the exotic tiare flower, lily and West Indies vanilla. Like a fragrant balm, it melts into the skin and leaves a velvety, delicate shimmer – a particularly subtle way to wear perfume. The lotions based on avocado oil have excellent nourishing and hydrating properties. As an opulent finish after cleansing, massage or beauty treatment, they are the prelude to a sensual fragrance journey.


Ligne St Barth

24 square kilometres of tropical nature and white beaches stretching to the horizon – Saint-Barthélemy, one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, is where Ligne St Barth has its roots. Since 1983, the brand has embodied Caribbean-French lifestyle and uncomplicated luxury. Inspired by the treasures of the exotic plant world, its blossoms, fruits and the healing power of its essences, Ligne St Barth develops precious oils and creams, gels and lotions. They are carefully adapted to the needs of the skin and our modern life. Traditional knowledge and the latest technologies elicit the best properties from the natural ingredients, the subtlety of the textures and fragrances pamper the body and senses.

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125 ml