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Maison Flaneur coat, black

Oversized ladies coat from Maison Flaneur in black.

With lapel collar and waist belt.

Knitted look with mohair wool content.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


The oversized coat with its casual cut is absolutely on trend for the coming fall / winter season. Wear the coat open or tailored according to your personal preferences. No matter which style you choose, this model puts you in a mood and brings numerous combination possibilities for your next appearance.


Maison Common

Experience, creativity and entrepreneurial drive led Rieke Common to fulfil a lifelong dream in 2014 – Maison Common.

Her own label, her very own vision of fashion. Since then, the power woman and mother of two has been contributing every day with her idea of fashion so that women all over the world can feel very special. Lively, colourful and luxurious, she has been inspiring strong women of all ages ever since.

Maison Flâneur

The name Maison Flâneur was inspired by the concept of the “flâneur” by the French poet Charles Baudelaire and means “wanderer”. The flâneur represents the ability to wander detached from society, with no other purpose than to be a close observer of society. In today’s world, people are obsessed with speed; Maison Flâneur invites us to slow down, to think about what really matters, what doesn’t get burnt in a second. A garment should not be thrown away, but kept, as people did in simpler times. A question of style.