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Initio Perfume "Side Effect"

Eau de Parfum for women and men.

Aroma: spicy-aromatic

Contents: 90 ml


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The harmony of tobacco, vanilla, rum and cinnamon is simply fascinating. It excites even the most refined senses by playing out each of its facets – leather, an animalic and woody vanilla note – one after the other. Light-hearted, daring … and arousing. Deeply hidden feelings and passions take control. The fragrance lifts the veil of the ineffable.


Initio Parfums Privés

INITIO Parfums Privés ignores perfumery antics and the obsession to please at all costs. The brand returns to the instinctive foundations of fragrance, to its magical and sacred dimension, to reinvent perfumery with a signature. Suddenly, fragrance becomes again what it should have always been. A connoisseur's delight, a protective talisman that can do everything when it becomes one with the scent of the skin: it "illuminates" the imagination, wards off misfortune, underlines desire and envelops the woman or man in an intangible security, an aura of positive energy.