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Inès & Maréchal "Heaven" Coat


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Inès & Maréchal Alpaca Coat “Heaven

Colour: Beige

A gorgeous, sensual fashion piece that accentuates the feminine form.

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This coat from premium brand Inès & Maréchal is made from high-quality baby alpaca wool and impresses with its stylish aesthetic. The soft finish of the material paired with the feminine cut and belt ensure optimal comfort. The huge French pockets are perfectly paired with the classic lapels which are connected by the long open cut.


Inès & Maréchal

Since 2000, the label “Inès & Maréchal” has been a fashionable luxury brand characterised by the flexibility and lightness of its materials and silhouette. Inès is a passionate journalist for fashion and design. Alain Maréchal is a material expert who has worked for the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Inès & Maréchal reinterprets the classic feeling of luxury in its own way, combining artistic notes and sobriety. Inès & Maréchal combines a high-end concept with sustainable development by using a direct and small supply chain and sourcing its raw materials exclusively from Europe.

Inès & Maréchal wants its customers to adopt an environmentally conscious approach to fashion through a sustainable collection, but also through timeless styles that never go out of fashion.