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Ella K. Perfume "Poème de Sagano" 100 ml

Perfume for Women

Contents: 100 ml


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Ella K. Perfume “Poème de Sagano” 100 mlA secret encounter between heaven and earth. The fragrant organic notes of bamboo, matcha tea, yuzu/bergamot and shizo leaves blend with the breeze rustling through the woods and the sun’s rays streaming through their gently swaying branches. A range of different shades of green reflects the lushness of the vegetation. A heavenly, sunny explosion of citrus, bergamot, grapefruit and yuzu reveals a combination of nana mint, eucalyptus and matcha tea, amidst a labyrinth of bamboo. The freshness remains as day turns to night.

Contents: 100 ml


Ella K

The idea behind the Ella K collection goes far beyond the perfumes themselves.

All the elements associated with them are carefully thought through to create a perfectly assembled ensemble. All the individual pieces refer to a symbol that is either relatively obvious or subtly linked to the exploration of the unknown. From the name to the smallest detail – which need not be obvious – the essence of Ella K is a search that goes beyond familiar boundaries.