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Ella K. Parfum "Lettre de Pushkar" 100 ml

Perfume for Women

Contents: 100 ml


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A languorous ode to longing. The intense oriental fragrance, rose petals and spices surround a sari hanging under a radiant sun. The power of the dreamlike, intoxicating scents of India. All the richness of spices, saffron, nutmeg, cinnamon, precious woods, vetiver, patchouli and oud. Enveloped in lushness, the senses are awakened in this amber vanilla.

Contents: 100 ml


Ella K

The idea behind the Ella K collection goes far beyond the perfumes themselves. All the elements associated with them are carefully thought through to create a perfectly assembled ensemble. All the individual pieces refer to a symbol that is either relatively obvious or subtly linked to the exploration of the unknown. From the name to the smallest detail - which need not be obvious - the essence of Ella K is a search that goes beyond familiar boundaries.