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Brag-wette Pants

Off-White Linen Trousers


IT 40 - XS - 34
IT 42 - S - 36


The elegant business look by Brag-wette from Italy with retro charm will not only attract attention in everyday life. The trousers sit high on the waist and fall with a slightly flared flare and crease. Combine contrasting styles in different colours and make it a highlight in the evening as well.



Brag-wette is Angela Biani's take on fashion with a new bespoke concept for women's clothing. Angela launched Brag-wette in 2017 to express her personal sense of style. The collection embodies a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, materials and details. It is a play between feminine and masculine, with lots of charm, oversized volumes and clean cuts. The collection includes ready-to-wear and knitwear made in Italy. The name "Brag-wette" sounds like "Braghe", trousers in Italian, the biggest focus of her work, with a nod to French.