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Atelier Flou EdP "Shamsin"

Eau de Parfum “Shamsin” for Ladies

Luxuriös, üppige Fülle. The Secret of the Far East. Everything about this fragrance is sensual… unforgettable sensuality.

Contents: 100ml


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If the name of this fragrance reminds you of fragrances from the big corporations of the past few years, it’s no coincidence. Luxurious and opulent, Shamsin is the fragrance of a faraway sultanate. There you will be in a cloud of sensuality while surrounded by carefully tended hanging gardens.

The jasmine is from Egypt, silky smooth, lushly floral and surprising, while Moroccan rose interweaves with Spanish cistus to create an exoticism so fully embodied that even the most confident of men will go soft at the knees. A cuddly, musky base continues this, veiling you in mysterious power and soothing your mind. Lovers of traditional ‘old school’ fragrances will be delighted – this one is a real knock out.


Atelier Flou

When haute couture with transparent chords and softly flowing creations subtly caress the body, the fashion world in Paris speaks of exclusive "Flou Couture". Flou Couture is not only a masterpiece of art and craftsmanship, but above all a magical aura that surrounds a person. The world of haute couture perfumery then speaks of "Atelier Flou Parfum". Behind the extraordinary fragrances with which Atelier Flou debuted in 2010 are former Balenciaga CEO Jean-François Cabos and talented perfumer Jacques Chabert (who created Samsara by Guerlain or Cristalle by Chanel, for example) - and their vision of creating fragrances beyond fast-moving fashion trends with their hastily designed, interchangeable products as masterful scent couture