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Originally from Madagascar, Liva RAMANANDRAIBE came to France at the age of 16 to study and succeed in finance. In France, he discovered the heritage of timeless, refined elegance, as well as luxury and design, which had fascinated him since childhood. Thus, he conceived IBELIV as a quality label whose products correspond to ecological, socio-economic and qualitative values.
IBELIV aims to combine sustainable production and environmental protection with reforestation campaigns for Madagascar's raffia forests, which are threatened by deforestation. The creation of sustainable jobs for rural women is part of the company charter of the handicraft label.

By promoting the refining sector through the creation of sustainable jobs and comfortable incomes, IBELIV reconciles the economic interests of rural people and the sustainability of this unique natural resource. At the same time, the planting of raffia helps to rebuild the ecosystem and prevent its extinction.

The leather used for some IBELIV accessories is vegetable tanned in the traditional way. The vegetable tanning guarantees health safety for the craftsmen, but also for the consumer.


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